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Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps

In his 2002 State of the Union Message, President Bush called on all Americans to make a lifetime commitment of at least 4,000 hours—the equivalent of two years of their lives—to serve their communities, the nation and the world. President Bush announced the creation of USA Freedom Corps to help Americans answer his call to service and to foster a culture of service, citizenship and responsibility.

The Citizen Corps is the component of USA Freedom Corps that creates local opportunities for individuals to volunteer to help their communities prepare for and respond to emergencies. Sponsored by the Office of the Surgeon General, the Medical Reserve Corps coordinates its efforts with several groups and has multiple affiliates. The MRC is a specialized component of Citizen Corps, a national network of volunteers dedicated to ensuring hometown security. Citizen Corps, along with AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and the Peace Corps are part of the President's USA Freedom Corps, which promotes volunteerism and service throughout the nation. 

When possible, MRC units collaborate with their local Citizen Corps Council to better protect, prepare, and serve their communities. Other components of Citizen Corps include the programs Neighborhood Watch, Volunteers in Police Service, and Community Emergency Response Team. 

The mission of the Tama County Medical Reserve Corps is “Improve the health and safety of people in Tama County by organizing and training volunteers to assist in a public health crisis or community events.”

The TC-MRC seeks volunteers from various professional and non-professional backgrounds, including medical and non-medical, behavioral or mental health, public health, and support staff. The MRC will offer flexibility and allow volunteers to choose their desired level of participation and commitment. 

All emergency and disaster related functions of the TC-MRC will be initiated by Tama County Public Health. The TC-MRC will enhance and improve the emergency medical response capacity in the community. The program will enhance the region’s ability to respond to either a natural hazard or a terrorism event and be the designated volunteer corps utilized to provide special needs sheltering during emergencies. In addition, responses could include mass vaccination or dispensing clinics; alternate care and/or triage facilities. With pre-planning, pre-identification of treatment sites, and pre-identified, certified, and trained volunteers, a safe, rapid, and effective response will be available in a major emergency or disaster. 

The Tama County Medical Reserve Corps (TC-MRC) consists of volunteers from all areas of Tama County. Volunteers are needed to donate their time and talents to help local citizens in major emergencies and/or disasters, as well as services during community events. We need volunteers to accomplish all of our goals.

For more information on how to become part of the VMRC please contact TCPH&HC at: 

Volunteer Medical Reserve CorpsMedical reserve corps logo
129 West High Street
Toledo, IA 52342
Office: 641-484-4788
Fax: 641-484-5447



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